50 Legend of Zelda T-Shirts that will up your (fashion) game

All right, so you’re not obsessed with Link or anything . . . you just support the guy’s mission to keep his homeland from falling deeper into darkness. You own a bit of Zelda merch but that’s something anyone can identify with. So why not show your devotion to the mythical land of Hyrule by sporting an awesome Legend of Zelda T-shirt?

With so many amazing options, it will no doubt be difficult to decide on just one, but who says you have to stop there? Here’s a comprehensive list of the best offerings from ThinkGeek and Amazon, complete with links (pun intended) that you can follow to buy Legend of Zelda T-shirts. Down with Ganon!

Hyrule Crest Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The green-and-gold of Hyrule are on full display with this cozy tee. Wear those colors proudly!

“Be Prepared” T-Shirt

As the old man warned, “It’s dangerous to go alone!” Walk into the darkness armed with this awesome logo instead.

Breath of the Wild Divine Beasts Ladies’ Tee

Here’s one for you, girls: A tee worn in honor of the Divine Beasts Vah Ruta, Vah Rudania, Vah Medoh, and Vah Naboris.

Mens’ Triumphant Triforce Polo

Now you can sport the crest of Hyrule on the golf course, too! A subtle yet hip alternative.

Breath of the Wild Arch T-Shirt

This incredibly detailed logo will have all your friends asking where they can find one for themselves. It’s even eco-friendly!

Decrum Triumphant Triforce T-Shirt

Simple yet satisfying, Decrum’s offering displays the golden crest against a black backdrop to signify the plight of Hyrule.

Link Wanted! Tee

This humorous logo offers bounty hunters a reward of 1,000 rupees (plus a bottle of milk!) for the capture of “outlaw” Link. Available in a multitude of colors.

Ganondorf’s Castle Breath of the Wild Tee

An artistic and intricate design spells out everything that you love about the game, in one single haunting image.

Toddler’s “Legend in the Making” T-Shirt

Get them started early! This adorable tee makes the perfect gift for that budding Link enthusiast in your life.

Breath of the Wild Jump Shot Aim Tee

The fearsome archer strikes his mighty pose, aiming straight for the life-force of Ganon.

Sheikah Eye Logo T-Shirt

For the well-versed, this tee is a dream come true. A starkly evocative design.

Breath of the Wild Official Game Logo T-Shirt

Why beat around the bush? Let all your friends know where your true interests lie with this simple logo.

Bioworld Juniors Costume Dress

Young ladies will be transformed into warrior princesses after donning this stylish costume dress.

Legend Triumphant Triforce T-Shirt

Display the Triforce in your choice of three colors: Black, Green, or Hyrule Green.

Fei Seaya Custom Legend of Zelda Tee

A bold and stunning design offers a close-up of Link’s iconic sword.

Link Playing Card T-Shirt

This ingenious logo insinuates our hero into a classic playing card, turning him into the Link of hearts.

Bioworld Youth Cosplay T-Shirt

Youths can don this entertaining garment for an afternoon of role-playing fun.

The Master Sword Lost Woods Artwork Tee

Fans who are drawn to the lush beauty of the Zeldaverse will be particularly enticed by this offering.

“Power Wisdom Courage” Triforce T-Shirt

The basic tenets of the Triforce are spelled out on this cool logo. Choose from five flattering colors.

Youth “Legend in the Making” T-Shirt

Featuring an image of Link against a crude rendering of the Triforce, signifying the great things yet to come.

Legend of Zelda Classic NES Title Screen Tee

Fans will be transported back to the glory days of the ’80s with this classic offering.

Hyrule Crest Elemental Triforce Logo Tee

These lightweight tees feature an archetypical design and are available in several bright colors.

The Wind Waker Stained Glass Adult T-Shirt

Princess Zelda features prominently in this offering–and rightly so, as she’s literally the name of the game.

Young Link Cartoon Sword Leap

As the name suggests, this design features a cartoonish rendering of our hero, making it a good choice for younger fans.

Hyrule Crest Triforce Neon Outline Tee

The neon design makes this logo evocative of many other ’80s childhood favorites.

Make it Rain Song of Stroms No Swords T-Shirt

A hilarious tribute to Majora’s Mask, which will be understood only by those with a deep knowledge of the lore.

Breath of the Wild Logo Men’s T-Shirt

This design features the game logo encased in a circle, with all the details in place.

Breath of the Wild Link Stare T-Shirt

This tee was custom-made for cozy afternoons spent on the couch, preferably with controller in hand.

Epona’s Song Top

Link, the Triforce, the finest filly ever produced by the Lon Lon Ranch, and a musical tribute to that majestic mount–what more could you ask for?

The Legend Lives Tonal Glyphs Premium Tee

Featuring the many accomplishments of our heroic friend, all beautifully expressed in hieroglyph style.

Spirit Tracks “Two Bosses” T-Shirt

Another cartoon-style logo displaying two of the boss enemies from Spirit Tracks, with Link on the job.

Official Game Cover Men’s Tee

The unforgettable original game cover is featured front and center on this understated Legend of Zelda T-shirt.

Simple Character Faces Premium Tee

All your old favorites, plus a few others you might not have thought of.

Basic Link Belt and Harness Costume Tee

Everyone should get to play Link for a day! In classic Kelly green for verisimilitude.

Epona Hyrule Aurora Silhouette T-Shirt

Link and Epona take on the battle in a blaze of purple and green.

The Legend of Zombie Adult Tee

If you love Zelda AND The Walking Dead, you’ll get an extra kick out of this one. Great color selection.

Ornate Hyrulian Emblem T-Shirt

A design so intricately lovely, even outsiders are sure to take notice.

Epona’s Song Womens’ Tee

Why should the guys have all the fun? Epona’s song should be sung by all the voices in the land.

Hey Ocarina Men’s Tee

Featuring the famed Ocarina of Time logo, to bring back all those happy memories.

Legend of Link 8-Bit Map

Take just one look at the cool graphics of this unique design, and you won’t be able to resist making this shirt your own.

Hyrule Crest Triforce Ash Floral T-Shirt

A subtle tribute to the life forces that have been strangled with Ganon’s destruction.

Epona Ride Silhouette Graphic T-Shirt

Against a backdrop of her loyal master, Epona rides into battle with that very master perched upon her back.

Classic NES 8-Bit Title Screen Logo Tee

The attention to detail on this pixelated design makes it stunningly true to life. Available in several colors, but the Kelly green is most traditional.

Breath of the Wild Z-Logo Men’s Tee

Show off this workout tee on your next trip to the gym.

Breath of the Wild Princess Graphic T-Shirt

Another beautifully rendered tribute to Princess Zelda, this one without Link hogging the foreground.

Hyrulian Triforce Dot Pattern Graphic T-Shirt

This graphic manages to speak to your inner nerd while appearing sophisticated at the same time.

Link to the Past Adult Tee

Our hero looks a bit cartoonish for an adult shirt here, but for Link to the Past fans, it can’t be beat.

“Link Wanted” Womens’ Tee

The Wanted poster strikes again, this time in a longer, slimming version for the ladies.

Tank and Shorts Set

The ideal sleepover attire! As of this writing, it was out of stock, but don’t give up hope.

“Shine Like a Star” Sparkle Premium Tee

Featuring Princess Zelda in all her sparkling glory.

Follow any of the above links to buy Legend of Zelda T-shirts today! 

And don’t miss our history of Zelda infographic for a look back over all of Link’s previous exploits.

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