The Best Legend of Zelda Merchandise You’re Dying to own in 2018

Are you one of those Zelda fans who needs more Legend of Zelda Merch? Do you love everything about Legend of Zelda? Are you an undisputed fan of one of the greatest games of all time? In that case, here’s a list of some cool gear that you should definitely add to your collection asap. Follow us past the jump and prepare to make your wallet lighter.

Legend Of Zelda chess Set | BUY NOW

If you’re fond of the Legend of Zelda, this is one chess game that’ll definitely catch your fancy. Featuring 32 customized chess pieces made from pure vinyl, this game can keep you hooked for hours. The hero pieces are obviously dominated by the light king, where Zelda is the Queen and the remaining characters like Impa, Darunia and Epona are the Bishops, Rooks and Knights. Among the villains, you’ll find Ganondorf (as the dark king), and Iron Knuckle, Armos and Phantom as the Bishop, Rooks and Knights. The game comes with a premium window style packaging along with a magnetic closure.

This chess game with its unique characters and Legend of Zelda inspired design is a perfect gift for anyone who goes gaga over this fantasy video game. You can always place it on your coffee table to pep up your interiors. Although some users deemed the design to be filmsy, you’d definitely love the details if you’re a true Legend of Zelda fan.

Electronic Ocarina | BUY NOW

Developed by GeekLabs, Electronic Ocarina is a perfect gift for kids and young adults who love The Legend of Zelda. Ocarina retains the feel and fervor of adventure and it comes with two unique modes. While the first mode, also known as the classic mode will unlock a hidden song for you, the Free Play Mode will let you riff every kind of tune you love. This game also comes with an illustrated song book that indicates the six different note cues you’re supposed to make in order to play Zelda’s Lullaby, Epona’s Song, Saria’s Song and the Song of Time. It is also backed by buttons that let you play eight different notes which can be adjusted according to your will.

The device is lightweight, battery operated, easy to use and ideal for anyone who loves this video game. So whether it’s you or your little one, this Ocarina will make a perfect gift for one and all.

Legend of Zelda Master Sword | BUY NOW

You can’t just buy the Legend of Zelda Master Sword, you need to be worthy of it! So if you think you’re a die-hard fan who totally deserves this sword for their consistent love and support to the game- this sword is perfect for you. Made of foam, this is a recreation of the legendary master sword and one of the best Zelda merchandise on our list. It is 3ft long, weighs 8 ounces and can be easily kept in your living space or bedroom to pep up its look and feel. This is also an; officially licensed’ Nintendo goodie and is ideal for both kids and teenagers.

Being a foam sword, it is perfect when you need to fight for either frappucinos, mattresses or anything else under the sun! This also makes an excellent cosplay weapon and can be carried on your back (if you’re looking to imitate Link).

Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slatebook | BUY NOW

If you’re fond of both doodles as well as the Legend of Zelda- this slatebook is ideal for you. Officially licensed by the legend of Zelda, this sketchbook is a dream of anyone who’s a massive fan of this video game. It looks exactly like Link’s Sheikah Slate and it comes with around 100 blank pages. Each of these pages, have perforated edges, which means you can always tear them at your will. And that’s not all! The slatebook itself features a symbol of Sheikah both on its front and back thereby turning out to be an ideal pick for anyone who loves the game. The top portion features a rubber tower, so that you don’t end up accidentally dropping it when you’re sitting right above the lofty Sheikah Tower. This piece also makes an excellent cosplay goodie.

So what are you waiting for? Get this sketchbook right away to fill up the blank pages with your favorite stuff related to Legend of Zelda.

Legend of Zelda Leather Watch | BUY NOW

When it comes to Legend of Zelda goodies, this is yet another undisputed winner! This watch is ideal if you’re looking to keep track of time, the Zelda way! So whether you need to transport a random mushroom within three minutes, or are conferred with the responsibility of saving your townsmen from an impending doom- this watch will definitely work in your favor. This legend of Zelda timepiece comes in a brushed bronze look with a Hyrule crest on its watch face. It also features a stainless steel case and a ¼” genuine leather strap. Owing to its size, the watch will easily fit wrists within ” to nine inches. It also comes with extra batteries and follows the Japanese movement.

So if you’re looking to get ready for your next adventure- this watch is definitely one of your must haves’. With its sleek design, stylish frame and super powerful batteries- it’ll definitely meet your purpose.

Breath Of The Wild Hoodie | BUY NOW

Whether you’re running across the windy plains or riding on horseback amid lush greens- it’s pretty likely that things will get chilly! And this is exactly where the Breath of the Wild Hoodie comes to play. This hoodie ensures that when you’re saving Hyrule, you’re doing it comfortably. It’s not just incredibly stylish but it also keeps you warm irrespective of the weather. The hoodie is officially licensed by the Legend of Zelda and its 100% legit! Coming from ThinkGeek, this is product is exclusive to the brand and worthy every one of your penny. While the base color is black, the orange trim and design makes the color pop out. This hoodie also comes with a blue lining along it hood, which makes it look tad classier.

This hoodie will keep you nice and warm while you’re braving your battles in Hyrule. And the best part: you won’t even have to open a huge chest to find it! Simply add it to your cart to get it right away!

Breath of the Wild Backpack | BUY NOW

Your adventures in Hyrule are totally incomplete without the right backpack, and this is exactly why you need this exclusive merchandise from Zelda. Whether you need to store your power, wisdom, inherent courage and a big bunch of korok seeds- this backpack will help you with all of it. Like the previous product, this one is also an exclusive goodie from ThinkGeek. It is officially licensed by the Breath of the Wind Collection from Zelda, and is definitely one of the best collectibles out there! The bag is made from faux leather and it dons a pretty classic design. The Zelda design is embroidered in golden thread and it also comes with a zip closure along with a unique fold-over portion along the clasp. The bag is padded, comes with adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle that aids in quick, grab-and-reach action. At the same time, these straps will also help you in conveniently hanging it. This is probably one of the best Zelda products out there, so if you love Zelda to the core, grab this bit of merch!

Zelda Majora’s Mask Incarnation Puzzle | BUY NOW

If you’re fond of board games and Legend of Zelda at the same time- this is one goodie that you can’t resist! Made in US, this is a 550 piece puzzle that pieces together the iconic image of Majora’s mask. With its complex twists and impeccable design, the puzzle is going to keep you hooked for hours. The art specifically depicts the final battle encountered by Link, in the fierce mask of the deity. So if you’re a hardcore fan of the game, this puzzle won’t really disappoint you. After getting this puzzle, we were also impressed by its overall quality. The puzzle pieces are well cut and they do not come with any ragged edges. So whether you’re child or an adult- you’re going to love this game for sure! It is an excellent collectible, and going by its price, it is definitely worth your money.

Zelda Hylian Crest Earrings | BUY NOW

Do you love wearing pretty earrings? Would you love your earrings tad bit more if they were inspired by the Legend of Zelda? If your answers are yes, this is exactly the kind of product you need right now! Ideal for any LOZ fan, this earring is specifically designed for kids and adults above the age of ten. It comes with an official license from the brand, and going by the looks of it, the earrings are filled with enamel. I was particularly impressed by the earrings because they had the design of the Hylian Crest detailed perfectly. So if you’re a fan of excellent detailing, then too this product won’t disappoint you.

Contrary to their appearance, these earrings are pretty lightweight and you can easily team them up with your casual wear. And that’s not all! The metal in the earrings sit comfortably and cause no instance of allergy at any point.

Legend of Zelda String Lights | BUY NOW

Looking to deck out your house the Legend of Zelda way? Looking for the kind of string lights that’ll render the feel of your favorite video game? Well, in that case, the Legend of Zelda String Lights is just the perfect product for you. These lights can be used for decking up your Christmas trees, your windows or even your rooms in general. Available in a combination of red, green and blue it perfectly represents 79 rupees in just 10 bulbs. The bulbs glow really well and can light up any and every spot. They are easy to put up and ideal for both your indoor and outdoor use.

What I loved most about these bulbs is the fact that they’re not just pretty but also extremely convenient. You can use them for lighting multiple strings (around 45) and they won’t even take up much time for the setup. So if you’re someone who thinks and breathes Legend of Zelda, this is one goodie you need to add in your collectibles.

Things to keep in mind while buying Legend of Zelda Merchandise

Buying your very first piece of legend of Zelda merch is not really an easy task. Also, with so many options to pick from, it is only likely that you’re spoilt for choices! So in order to help you out, we’ve listed a couple of things that you should always ensure before buying your goodies. Here’s what you need to know.

Get a licensed product- No matter how pretty the merchandise looks; you can never be sure of its quality unless it is licensed. Due to this reason, always make it a point to ensure that your chosen goodie comes with an official license from the Legend of Zelda.

Reviews- Yes! When it comes to picking your favorite LOZ goodie, it is extremely important to check the reviews. Once you zero in on a specific product, find out if other people have good things to say about it. You should only buy the product if it comes with a decent number of good ratings.

Quality- Whether it’s a bag, a hoodie or a puzzle, you can’t overlook the quality just because it’s a, goodie from your favorite video game. Irrespective of the product you choose, make it a point to conduct thorough research on the quality so that you get the best variant from the lot!

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