20 Awesome Gifts for your Gamer Boyfriend

16. Wireless Gaming Mouse with 6 Buttons 7 Changeable LED ColorsWireless Gaming Mouse

The perfect mouse for the gaming boyfriend who likes options.

What Makes It Awesome: This mouse lets the user control just about everything for greater precision and smoother game play. The five level DPI lets the user control the speed, while the seven-color changeable LED light can be programmed to fit the user’s needs.

17. Level 37 Gaming Shirt

Computer Geek Shirt

For the Diplomatic Gaming Boyfriend who needs to put a positive spin on it, this shirt can help on the road to #SelfAcceptance.

What Makes It Awesome: Although the wearer is what ultimately makes this shirt awesome, the cheeky game references help too. The shirt is a 100 percent cotton crew neck with a generous fit. It comes in several colors, so there is bound to be something he likes.

18. Gaming Junkie Shirt

Gaming Junkie Shirt

This shirt is the perfect gift for when you want to tell your gaming boyfriend that admitting it is the first step. Sometimes the only way to say it is to blurt it.

What Makes It Awesome: The universal sentiment definitely levels up the awesome here. As every gaming shirt should be, this shirt is cut with a generous fit and true to size. It is 100 percent cotton and comes in a variety of colors. Also, the price makes it perfect for gift scavenger hunts or as a “just because” gift.

19. 3D Color-Changing Pokemon Pokeball LED Night Light/Table Lamp

3D Color Pokemon Light

Got a Nocturnal Gaming Boyfriend who likes to play in the dark? Maybe Pokemon Go is his thing? This gift covers you either way.

What Makes It Awesome: What doesn’t make it awesome? It changes colors, glows in the dark, and it’s a pokeball. The design makes it perfect for theme parties and nighttime gaming marathons. You could even get him one for several rooms of his house, if he’s the type to run into walls in the middle of the night. Gotta catch ’em all, right?

20. Super Mario Brothers Vinyl Wall Clock

Mario Brothers Clock

This clock is great for the Conscientious Gaming Boyfriend who appreciates punctuality and a good up-cycling, or as a hint to the GB who gets lost in the game for days on end.

What Makes It Awesome: Super Mario Brothers is one of the Nintendo games that defined an era. Both brothers and Level Up mushroom are displayed on this quartz battery powered wall clock. Who doesn’t like-a the Mario, other than Koopa and his goombas? This clock was made from a vinyl record, which doubles the retro cool feel.

Each subspecies of the gamer boyfriend is a curious animal. They all have their endearing quirks and magical ability to tune out the world in favor of something with better graphics. At heart, though, they are loyal, loving, and intelligent creatures who are relatively low maintenance. The occasional gift can be part of increasing the appreciation and life force in your relationship with your gamer boyfriend. Knowing what love tokens speak their language makes the care and feeding of a gamer boyfriend much easier. Although you have your pick of many perfect gifts for your gamer boyfriend out there, this list covers several of the best budget-friendly possibilities.

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