20 Awesome Gifts for your Gamer Boyfriend

6. Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade for CosplayAssassin's Creed Hidden Blade

Maybe you have a Cosplay Gamer Boyfriend. Appeal to his need for authenticity with this replica of Bayek’s signature weapon.

What Makes It Awesome: Rumor has it the blade deploys with a bit of gumption, which adds realness to a Bayek costume. This device is adjustable and fits most standard adult forearms.

7. Gambeboy Coffee Canister

Gameboy Coffee Canister

This was tailor made for the Caffeinated Gamer Boyfriend who appreciates the classics.

What Makes It Awesome: This gift is the perfect combination of his two favorite addictions: caffeine and games. The fun, old school Nintendo design works just as well with home decor as it does with cubicle chic.

8. Nintendo Controller Floor Mat

Nintendo Floor Mat

This floor mat is almost too cool for school, but just cool enough for the Neat Freak Gamer Boyfriend.

What Makes It Awesome: This perfectly-priced mat is sturdy enough to withstand the traffic of many rooms in the house. It is also low maintenance, only requiring a regular wipe-down with soapy water. Oh, and it totally screams, “A gamer lives here!”

9. Gamer Promise Mug

Gamer Promise Mug

For those Gamer-Nongamer relationships that require a little more acceptance.

What Makes It Awesome: As any nongamer who loves a Gamer Boyfriend knows, this mug speaks the truth! Heartfelt, dishwasher safe, and under $15, this mug is the perfect gift to hold his favorite candy and show your gamer boyfriend a little love.

10. My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine Handheld Gaming System with 200 Built-in Video Games

Retro Video Game Handheld

For the Kid at Heart Gamer Boyfriend who remembers the 80’s, this miniature retro arcade game contains all the old games that made the arcade great.

What Makes It Awesome: The design is a miniature of the classic arcade game, with controls that give it a similar feel. This tiny system holds 200 Gen 1 arcade games, along with some educational games for a little variety. The system is highly portable and works just as well in a variety of settings.

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