20 Awesome Gifts for your Gamer Boyfriend

Those who have one know the gamer boyfriend is a special breed. Finding gifts for your gamer boyfriend can be a challenge. Often found in extreme captivity, the various subspecies of the gamer boyfriend are probably eccentric, speak in acronyms, and keep strange hours. But the gamer boyfriend has his good points too. Anyone who can spend 10 hours a day playing Call of Duty has to have some degree of loyalty, dedication, a strategic mindset, quick-thinking, patience, and dexterity, right?

Loving, caring for, and feeding any species of gamer boyfriend is a lot easier than getting gifts for gamer boyfriend, however. Getting gifts for him is enough to send someone with a non-GB through the roof, but gamer gifts are a whole other level. Something a non-gamer would absolutely adore might be seen as a useless curio for the gamer boyfriend. Mining the best of the gamer gifts online can take days. This article has answered the stumped significant others’ collective cries for help and will list the 20 best gifts for your GB, most of which are under $100.

1. The Art of God of War Exclusive Edition


An affinity for hammers and runes and cries of “Great Odin’s raven!” may be telltale indicators of the God of War Gamer Boyfriend. If this seems familiar, this exclusive collection of God of War art could be the perfect gift.

What Makes It Awesome: God of War has some of the most beautiful art in video games today. Check out this video from the E3 Conference in 2017. There are only 1500 of these bad boys in existence, making The Art of God of War Exclusive Edition one of the more truly unique gifts for him.

2.  Black Faux Leather Kingdom Hearts Bracelet


With its imaginative worlds, nonstop action, and familiar Disney characters, Kingdom Hearts is a favorite for gamers of all ages. If your gamer boyfriend is the sentimental type, then this accessory is sure to grab a piece of his heart.

What Makes It Awesome: This black, faux leather cuff bracelet is the perfect anti-Valentine love token. It is adjustable for comfort and has a silver Heartless logo on it. The price makes it a perfect “whenever” gift.

3. Halo Spartan Softshell Jacket
Halo Master Chief Jacket

Halo is the classic online game and John-117 is one of its most popular heroes. If your gamer boyfriend is your hero, this gift is worth a look.

What Makes It Awesome: This gift is practical and stylish. The jacket is modeled after Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armor and has a UNSC logo on the chest.

4. Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate Sketch Book

The Sheikah Slate is one of Link’s most versatile tools in Legend of Zelda. He uses it to access the Map of Hyrule and receive runes, which serves him well throughout the quest. If your gamer boyfriend is the artist type, this Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate Sketch Book will follow him on his quests.

What Makes It Awesome: Although it can’t find shrines, this sketch book’s case looks exactly like Link’s slate and can be refilled once all the pages are used. The sketch book itself has perforated pages, which makes tracing and removing pages easier.

5. Warcraft Alliance Power Bank

Playing World of Warcraft into the wee hours will get your gamer boyfriend far in the game, but it sure is not going to do his power supply any favors. WoW your guy with this thoughtful gift.

What Makes It Awesome: In addition to a storage of almost 7000 mAh and an output of 5V/2A, the dimensional lion on the front lights up. And the two USB ports can charge two devices at once.

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